Strategic Objectives

Focused on environmental quality

It is our ideology and our action that comes down to the dedication we invest in health and environmental sustainability, safeguarding quality in everything we do with constant concern for the environment.

Main Goals

In compliance with the business strategy and continuous strive for excellence, OLWALI has defined five main objectives to meet before 2021.
Meet standards, policies and Laws
Increase service levels and compliance of standards, policies and laws applicable to the business and ensure non-appearance of costs due to deviations.
Ensuring environmental quality
Continuously improve the levels of environmental management through efficiency monitoring, ensuring the necessary quality is met with expected requirements.
Provide environmental solutions
Continually deliver to the market environmental solutions that promote environmental health and consistency for our customers, and society in general.
Increase and evaluate skills based on the results
Improve the competence of our employees and evaluate them according to the results of the business.
Develop sustainable projects and initiatives
Implement projects and initiatives that elevate the sustainability and security of the environment, its components and crucial factors, which stimulate the social and economic well- being of the country.
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Solutions aimed at sustainability

Over the last few decades several events have marked the evolution of the concept of sustainable development, with technological advances, as well as the increase in the awareness of the population in relation to the environment.

At OLWALI sustainable development depends on the planning and recognition that natural resources are finite, quality rather than quantity, with reduction in the use of raw materials and products, and the increase of reuse and recycling.

The most accepted definition for sustainable development is the development that can meet the needs of the current generation, without compromising the ability to fulfil the needs of future generations. It is the development that does not deplete the resources for the future.

Every day we develop sets of tools, methods and policies that aim to incorporate environmental and social concerns and concepts into the services we offer our clients, in the projects we develop and initiatives that we participate in, being aware that we are making a difference and changing the concepts of approach to the environment.