Products and Services

Targeting quality and efficiency

OLWALI provides its services based on the requirements of Angolan legislation: policies and international standards that guarantee quality and efficiency of its services.

Participatory planning, the management of stakeholders, and public consultation are the main tools for evaluating new ventures and represent one of our approaches to clients. OLWALI provides a range of consultancy and advisory services, in addition to auditing and training.



The consultancy service is performed through diagnostics and processes with the purpose of surveying customer needs, identifying solutions and recommending actions feasible to the company.



We produce complete diagnoses of the environmental situation of your company and propose preventive, corrective and strategic actions to ensure optimal performance of the company’s production processes.




We provide advice through a team of environmental analysts, for companies or enterprises, throughout the projects life cycle.

We make available all the necessary subsidies, through a team of environmental analysts, to advice companies or enterprises in all their endeavours.

Results of our services

  • Environmental and Social Impact Studies (ESIA)
  • Environmental Audit (AA)
  • Legal Compliance Analysis
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Performance Systems
  • Diagnoses and Audits of Quality, Environment, Health and Occupational Safety
  • Environmental Monitoring (water, groundwater levels, noise)
  • Sustainable Development Plans
  • Implementation/ Integration of Quality Management Systems, Environment, HSE, Security
  • Environmental Risk Analysis
  • Preparation of Strategic Waste Management Plans, whether at scale
  • Monitoring and reading of indicators, among others



OLWALI presents training solutions oriented to increase value in organisations, as well as in their professional curriculum, with training services focused on the development of knowledge and good practices in the environmental area.

The courses taught by OLWALI are aimed at students, industry professionals and organisations from all sectors who want to work within the parameters of environmental quality and safety, in accordance with current legislation and international policies.


  • Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
  • The Internal Auditor 14001 environmental management system
  • Environmental Management
  • Waste Management
  • Operational Discharges Management
  • Environmental Risk Analysis (ERA)
  • Hygiene, Safety and Environmental



Integrated Follow-ups

OLWALI offers integrated follow-ups in:
  • Quality, Environment and Safety at work
  • Occupational Monitoring
  • Coordination of Safety at work
  • Security Diagnostics
  • Monitoring of Archaeological contracts
  • Archaeological and Anthropological Excavations
  • Patrimony Conservation and Restoration