Certifications and Accreditation

Certifications and accreditation

Quality Management
Our ISO Certification 9001:2008 confidently shows that we meet the good practices and international standards required as well as maintaining the focus on our clients.

OLWALI, has begun making the transition to 9001:2015, increasing the focus on quality management, integrating a risk management approach.

IANORQ accreditation

Angolan Institute of Standardisation and Quality
The recognition by the Angolan Institute of standardization and quality, as a training and consulting body on environmental matters, gives us prestige in the local market.

CAE business support center

The partnership with (CAE) Business Support Centre aims to:
  • Contribute to the growth and consolidation of national companies in the petroleum sector
  • Elevate technical and professional capacities of the staff
  • Be the reference and support for the sector and for Angolan companies

Ministry of the Environment

It has the mission of proposing the formulation, conduct, execution and control of the Executive Policy on the environment in the context of protection, preservation and conservation of environmental quality, pollution control, conservation areas and appreciation of Natural heritage, as well as the preservation and rational use of natural resources.